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Selecting the best pos system to fit your specific needs can be a real challenge
You are great at preparing good food,
providing excellent service
and managing your staff ....
but depending on the volume
of business, getting accurate numbers
may become a serious burden....
We can provide you with


Food service and preparation
Pos system for restaurant  A POS System is a must ....
that's why it's so important to get the right one

A POS system is made of three principal elements: the operating system,
the pos software which do all the calculations, ordering, reporting, etc...,
and the pos hardware that is needed to run that software.

pos system components
Each of these elements is essential
That's why it's important to seek help from professionals
It's a sure thing that you are solicited a lot by many POS software companies

First question to ask to a Pos System sale's representative:
"Are you a credit card processing company?"
If the answer is YES, think twice before signing up...
Do not get fooled by the "FREE" thing...
If it's "FREE", think "FEES" ...

At first glance, they're all beautiful, the hardware looks nice,
the screen spins around, you can sign with finger, etc .... beautiful toys indeed.
That may be perfect for a small coffee shop or sandwich shop,
even though Starbucks doesn't use them,
but for any other food service business, think twice.
To sell you their solutions, they are willing to give you everything for "free" .....
The reality will be very deceiving and you may end up regretting your decision.
In this industry, nothing is free
All those "free" software are owned by credit card processing companies.
What you do not pay upfront, you will pay each month
through extra fees added to your credit card processing statement,
fees conveniently not mentioned at sign up,
fees that will increase periodically
Result: you are paying for your system as long as you have it,
and that you do not even own
Last but not least, they lock you in to a 2 or 3 years contract
usually with a stiff penalty for early termination.

And if you do terminate, and you will, because of the fees,
you'll probably end up losing the hardware
and likely your database and menus
since they are "on the cloud", all controlled by them.
You won't have access to them any longer after the termination.
That's why the advice of experienced people like us is very much helpful
At Global Pos Solutions, we have that experience ...
Several years as restaurants operators and management,
front and back of the house, plus more than 15 years in the POS industry
providing point of sale systems sales and support to America since 2001
We will help you find the right pos software,
the one that will accomplish all the tasks and controls, produce accurate reports,
the one that will give you peace of mind, and free a lot of precious time
that you can invest in customer service and public relation
 but most importantly one that will improve your revenue and your profit.
If you need
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POS System for restaurant

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POS System for pizzeria

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