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Point Of Sale Thermal Printers

SNBC R880 USB/Serial  SNBC R990 USB/Serial High Speed SNBC R990 USB/Ethernet High Speed
$255  $395  $425 
Reliability 60M Lines  Reliability 150M Lines  Reliability 70M Lines 
2 Years Warranty  2 Years Warranty  2 Years Warranty 
Star TSP143  Epson T20  Epson T88V 
Star TSP143 USB  Epson T20 USB  Epson T88V USB 
 $325  $275  $295
Reliability 60M Lines  Reliability 60M Lines  Reliability 70M Lines 
2 Years Warranty  2 Years Warranty  2 Years Warranty 
SNBC Label L-520  SNBC Label L-540  SNBC Label L-580 
SNBC L-520 SNBC L-540   SNBC L-580  
$295  $325  $325 
2 inches label width - 500K Labels  4 inches label width - 500K Labels  Up to 3 inches label width - 1M Labels 
3 Years Warranty  3 Years Warranty  3 Years Warranty 
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Select Interface

Select Interface

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