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We support all the products that we sell. Support is available 24/7 only with a service support agreement. Calls are answered "Live" most of the time, or a call back is guaranteed within 1 to 4 hours depending on the emergency level of the call. Most of our customers once signed up stay with us, some have been renewing their service agreement ever since 2001


Our support is second to none. We offer free support service for up to 3 months for any pos system purchased from us, Our technicians ask specific questions to troubleshoot issues and fix or walk you through the process or resolving it. In case technicians are unable to fix the issue over the phone, they recommend the next actions to take. Either way you get help from qualified and experienced point of sales technicians. Our support is provided by phone, email or direct remote connection to your computer. (Internet connection required on all computers)


We provide direct support by phone or remotely through PC to PC connection, either unattended or on a need to do basis. Remote connections allow us to take control of your computers and fix the problems on the spot while you are watching us do so on your screen. Remote connections are made possible using free or paid subscriptions secured and encrypted remote login software.
This is the fastest, easiest and more convenient support method.

What are your support hours?

We offer 24/7 support only through support service agreement of 3 months or 1 year. No support offered without a Service Agreement. Our support hours 9 am to 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday. Emergencies Only after business hours 

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What type of service do you provide?

We provide support for all the software and hardware that we sell by telephone, email and direct remote connection to your pc, stations and printers. With our wireless lapptops, iPads and other devices, we can provide support to your business at anytime and from anywhere in the world. No visits on site included in our service agreement.

What is the difference between corporate support and your support?

Corporate support, when offered, applies only to the software. It does not cover any network, operating system, hardware or equipment issues, nor problems with any applications and/or peripherals. No troubleshooting or assistance is provided. Corporate coverage does not provide maintenance to the pos system when necessary. No help either is provided in case of a computer crash which requires re-installing all applications, or with warranty. We support, fix, troubleshoot and/or assist and provide recommendations with all areas of your point of sales system. Though the equipment that wasn't originally purchased with us is not supported, we still offer thorough troubleshooting and give owners or management the necessary recommendations to fix the problem. In any case, if at all needed, we assist in finding local technicians to go on site. We can assist those technicians in their work while on site as well.


What is your response time?

Response time is very important to us. It is essential. We do our best to answer each calls live without any hold time during business hours. However it does happen that we cannot answer a call live, in which case a call back is made within an hour or less. We keep support easy and friendly. That is why our customers keep us as their preferred support team.

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